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Your roommate's a serial killer, your RA's in love with you, and all your closest friends are miles away. Is this really what college is like?

Join Dack Peeples—a kid who started feeling homesick before he even left home—as he tries to survive all the typical college orientation experiences, like meeting your hallmates, going on scavenger hunts...fighting wild animals...performing unlicensed surgery on your friend's mom...and ultimately learning the true meaning of ramen noodles. (I mean friendship.)


  • Suspense! Comedy! …Icebreakers!
  • An engrossing coming-of-age tale about blah blah blah
  • Sharp dialogue and classic point-and-click puzzles!
  • A crossover with the hit corporate-simulator Office DisOrders
  • From the creator of AWKWARD STEVE and The Beard in the Mirror
  • Absolutely free

Please note that this game is only playable with an Xbox 360 or similar controller. Also requires XNA 4.0 redistributable.


Life in the Dorms.zip 111 MB

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