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"Ugh, is this even a game? When does the shooting start?!"

Imagine play

"The dialogue is cringy. The art is MS Paint. I paid money for this?!"

Imagine playing a game where

"It's like they put no effort into it what-so-ever. My cat could've made this game."

IMAGINE PLAYING A GAME where some rude Let's Player keeps interrupting the story. Doesn't that sound

"This game has literally no business on the Internet."


Who Am I? The Let's Play Disaster is a short visual novel about gamers, developers, and YouTubers, and what happens when the barriers between all three start to deteriorate.

Key features:

  • Watch live-action footage of actual Let's Players!
  • Break the fourth wall (and probably the fifth and sixth walls, too)
  • Enter dungeons and kill monsters Nope, just reading and watching!
  • Unlock a special "Let's Play" mode that gets rid of the LPer, so you can record your own video of the game!
  • Written by (and starring) actual YouTuber Michael "Arglefumph" Gray

(Featuring special guest apperances by AceFanGirl, Nick of Time, The Grinded Gear, and DR. Radtacular!)


Buy Now$0.99 USD or more

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Sorry you didn't like it!!

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I hate I spent a dollar on this. It should be free. I stopped streaming it just to "play" it off stream just so my friends didn't have to endure any more of it. XD I appreciate the effort to it, because I really like meta things.




I thought this comment was made ironically, but now I see it was made truthfully. And I ALSO WANT MY DOLLAR BACK.

oh no :(

I don't appear to be able to issue refunds on my end, but there's info about it from itch here: https://itch.io/t/129454/how-are-refunds-handled


come on i mean oh, a rock studios?!?!?! this is certified SHIT.

Oh well! It's okay if you don't like it. I hope you get your refund <3